I emailed you, but did not get an answer.

If you contacted us via or through the contact form on our website, you are supposed to get an answer from us within 24 hours. We ALWAYS reply to our customers.

If you have not heard from us, it usually means our answer went into your Spam/Junk folder. Please, check your Spam/Junk folder regularly, if you are expecting the answer from us.

You can also contact us through messaging on our Facebook page:

You can send us a message and we will message you back through our Facebook account (as there is no spam filter on it).

I bought Russian Step By Step School Edition Level 1 book with Audio Direct Download. How to get access to the audio component?

You need to go to the Audio page on our website and it will have a button for each level of the audio. Follow it to a dropbox location. You can download all the tracks at once or one at a time. Please email us at if you experience any issues or have any quesitons.

I purchased a book with Direct Download. Can I copy and run Audio from my computer?

Yes, you can copy audio to your hard drive / MP3 player / CD / iPod/ Phone.

For what age groups are these books designed?

These books are designed for a variety of ge groups. We usually recommend to use them in a classroom setting starting 14 years old and up. Younger children can use them too but some of the topics might be not as engaging for younger ages.

We have several books for younger children that you can find out about here:

Does English need to be my first language to do the program?

While learners must have written and verbal fluency in English in order to use the program, English does not need to be their first language.

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