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13199490_1063985923647279_1265552261_oYou can only purchase the School Edition Materials directly from us, your teacher or a school/college/university book store. While we sell our Self-Study books through Amazon, the School Edition is not offered there.

To buy an of the materials directly from our store, please see the options below or go to this STORE page.

If you would like to purchase multiple levels or books (anything over 10 books), please email us at and we will offer you a discount and/or free shipping on our materials.

All books are delivered via media mail with a flat shipping fee, for expedited shipping or shipping abroad please select the options in the store or email us directly to place the order. We can ship internationally but will have to quote the shipping charges depending on the number of books and the location.

If you purchase the Digital Slides, they will be emailed to you or delivered via a secure link for download.

If you would like to purchase our Games or try some of them for free, please visit our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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